An Ode to Harry Hook From Descendants 2

On Friday July 21, the world was delivered a gift. And that gift was called Descendants 2. And within that gift, lived another gift by the name of Harry Hook. Played by our new favorite human Thomas Doherty, Harry Hook was everything we wanted him to be and more. We were so moved by Harry Hook, that we can only describe our feelings in the form of an ode that will in no way rhyme or make sense because how can we make sense when we’re trying to deal with how much we love Harry Hook? Get ready for some of the best GIFs you’ve ever seen. Without further ado, an Ode to Harry Hook:

Dearest Harry Hook, you know all the ways to be wicked. Behold:

Even VKs are afraid of you. Like when you grabbed this scarf:

But you didn’t need that scarf so you threw it away:

That scarf is dead to you.

The only person that probably scares you a little bit is Uma:

You are definitely not scared of King Ben:

TBH, you are a little rude to King Ben.

That’s okay though ’cause Mal kinda got you back with that gum moment:

That must have hurt your feelings but you played it off well.

Speaking of, remember when Jay dropped your hook into the ocean?

Unforgivable. Our faces when Jay did that:

We were not okay. But wait:

You don’t have to worry about a thing. Why? Because you’re Harry. Hook.


YOU. ARE. HARRY. HOOK. Guyliner for days and we’re loving it.


Remember this moment?

And this moment:

And this moment?

We can’t. You’re perfect, just the way you are, Harry Hook. Don’t ever change.

BRB going to watch Descendants 2 literally every time it’s on Disney Channel.

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